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About Us_ The Fearless Female Movement

Hey there, and welcome to the Fearless Female Movement! In 2018, Founder and CEO, Paola Rosser had a vision to start a movement that empowers, inspires, and motivates woman to face their fears and rise. 

Paola loves to coach woman by sharing tips of wisdom that she has learned throughout her life's journey. As the host of her podcast, Journey of a Fearless Female, Paola uses her platform to give woman a voice and share their fearless journey. 


"My mission is to create a movement of women who fearlessly love themselves.  Losing the negative labels of the past, I want women to feel empowered and inspired by wearing cozy and comfortable apparel that will reflect only positivity.  Studies have shown that positive words can help boost your morale, change your physiology and raise your vibration.  The words of love, peace, joy and gratitude can truly make a difference in your life.  Wear them, love them, become a Fearless Female today." - CEO and Founder Paola Rosser


Through our merchandise, we hope to capture the fearlessness that we all have within us.

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